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Volumetric verification of edema protection with Serrapeptase after third molar osteotomy

Merten HA, Muller K, Drubel F, Halling F.

Dtsch Z Mund Kiefer Gesichtschir. 1991 Jul-Aug;15(4):302-5.

Zentrum Zahn-, Mund-, Kieferheilkunde der Universitat Gottingen.


Preventive edema protection using Serrapeptase after standardized one-stage osteotomy procedures of 4 third molars was verified by means of an opto-electronic measuring instrument. This measuring technique proved to be a sensitive tool for demonstrating the efficacy of Serrapeptase in reducing postoperative edema. Although statistically significant, the reduction of soft tissue swelling was only approximately 15% when compared with a patient group without Serrapeptase medication.

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